Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recipe Time

So my fellow scrapper Thynner blogged about one of her favorite Recipes on her blog. Here Challenge was to post your own favorite recipe and do a lay out about it. The lay out will have to wait until this weekend but I thought I would post a recipe.

Here is the recipe for my requested Banana Pudding Dessert. Everyone at work loves it when I make it.

1 box Vanilla Wafers
3 small boxes of Banana Cream Pudding
Milk to make Pudding
4 to 6 bananas sliced in coins
1 tub thawed Cool Whip
Chocolate syrup(optional)
Strawberry syrup(optional)
1 jar marichino Cherries (optional)

  1. Line a 9x13inch pan with Wafers..Save about 10 or so for decoration.
  2. Place sliced bananas in pan randomly.
  3. Mix Pudding according to directions.
  4. Pour Pudding in pan.
  5. Top with Cool Whip.
  6. Crumble reserved wafers and sprinkle over top.
  7. Swirl syrups on top.
  8. Place drained marichino cherries on top.
  9. Chill for atleast 30 minutes.

I will see about posting a layout for this recipe over the weekend.

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